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Injector Assembly and Disassembly Tool Set


Ensure the optimal performance of your fuel injectors with the NANT DENSO 1211 Injector Tester, a professional-grade tool designed to accurately diagnose and test common rail diesel injectors. Engineered with precision and reliability in mind, this compact and user-friendly tester allows automotive technicians and diesel engine enthusiasts to quickly and effectively evaluate injector performance, identify potential issues, and make necessary adjustments for optimal engine efficiency. Elevate your diagnostic capabilities with the NANT DENSO 1211 Injector Tester and maintain peak performance in your diesel-powered vehicles.

Compatible with DENSO common rail diesel injectors, including the 1211 series
Compact and portable design for easy transportation and on-the-go testing
Digital display screen for clear and accurate readings of injector performance parameters
Intuitive interface with user-friendly controls for hassle-free operation
Built-in safety features to protect against overloads and voltage fluctuations

Width: 6 inches
Depth: 4 inches
Height: 3 inches

Approximately 2 pounds

Color:  Golden Color

High-quality plastic and metal construction for durability and reliability
Electronic components engineered for precision and accuracy

Comprehensive diagnostic capabilities allow for testing of injector response time, injection quantity, and leakage
Digital display screen provides real-time data for quick and accurate analysis of injector performance
User-friendly interface with intuitive controls for easy operation by automotive professionals and enthusiasts alike
Portable design enables testing in various locations, from automotive repair shops to field service vehicles
Safety features ensure reliable and secure operation during testing procedures

Ready to use out of the box, no assembly required

What’s Included:
1 x NANT DENSO 1211 Injector Tester
User manual

Designed for use with DENSO common rail diesel injectors, including the 1211 series, suitable for automotive repair shops, diesel engine manufacturers, and enthusiasts.